Over 170 Mio. Quality Components per Year

High-performance is produced in series here

High performance components need efficient manufacturing processes.

We manufacture technical plastic components for you – with a continuous high quality and efficiency standard. Our specialists cater to the continuous compliance of the properties and performance characteristics of your products.

Plastics Manufacturing – State of the Art. The latest technology and an efficient plant and consistent quality management – everything will be catered to your needs. The result: Convincing end products.

Clear Services

Every manufacturing solution is made-to-measure. For your product we will find the optimum between flexibility and production costs, so that the production can also adapt to changing requirements.

In our in-house plant we provide reliable results – and open up every possibility of automated production for you.

In the color laboratory we pigment the utilized plastics in the exact right shade. Technical thermoplastics and filled high-performance plastics are being processed at our plant predominantly.

For the series manufacturing there are injection molding machines of 250 kN up to 2500 kN clamping force at your disposal – including 2-components- and vertical-/rotary table machinery.