Quality Management

Measurable Precision. Noticeable Quality.

We want you to be on the safe side.

When it comes to quality, we want to be better than what the norms and standards dictate. That is why we take this point very personal: The continuous assurance of high quality is part of the core responsibilities of our project managers.

Every process stage entails comprehensive audits and inspections. Depending on the process step, automated with state of the art technology – or via visual-and functional inspections. Every result is transparent and ostensively documented – and naturally complies with the requirements of the most important certifications.

The results show that innovation in quality management pays off. That’s what makes our work distinguishable.  And this is what we stand for.


Quality – taken to a new peak:

Give everything to deliver the optimum

No process stage without comprehensive inspection. Serial inspections and functional checks are part of the standard features at the Hoefer & Sohn quality management program. Beyond that, our measurement laboratory provides the required capabilities to conduct sampling and analyses.

  • optical-tactile 2D- und 3D-measuring machines
  • Residual dirt analysis
  • Contour graph
  • Roughness measurements
  • Stereomicroscope (up to 50-times the resolution)


Quality lies in every detail

Highest requirements as a standard

The Hoefer & Sohn quality management is certified under the following standards and norms:

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